Barbie the Welder, an internationally acclaimed metal sculptor shares her story of being inspired to become a metal artist despite having never welded in her life and how it became an impetus for overcoming depression, an abusive relationship and a host of other trials in her life. Barbie also shares why it’s important to stay humble as well as to be a lifelong learner and the danger of “perfection” vs continuously progressing. Barbie is Unapologetically Authentic and an inspiration to thousands across the globe. Get ready to be inspired!

Stu Goffman, the creator and executive producer of ADDICTION UNPLUGGED, an award winning A&E series, joins us and shares what he has learned from speaking with hundreds of people across America about addiction. He discovered addiction is not so much a choice as it is an escape mechanism (most addicts had severe trauma and not equipped to handle the emotions). ADDICTION UNPLUGGED tells the stories of recovery , second chances, and people helping people are both humbling and enlightening.

Keith A. Thornton Jr. is a 911 emergency dispatcher on duty at the time police officer Ella French was murdered. Since that time, his actions have been highlighted by millions of people throughout the country as well as media outlets nationally and internationally. In this episode, Keith explains what happened the night of the tragedy; the repercussions that ensued; and most importantly, the healing that came as a result of connecting people to help others, a quality Ella French exuded and a legacy Keith is determined to continue helping one person at a time.

Nicole Holgreen is the Program Director at Bridle Up Hope, a foundation founded by Sean and Rebecca Covey that is dedicated to helping the lives of young women find hope through equestrian training. In this episode, Nicole discusses the impact the program had on her. This included leaving a job she was well respected at to take part in a mission to inspire hope, confidence, and resilience in young women.  She and her team have helped hundreds of young women to face and conquer their personal struggles.
At eight years old, Eric Rogers started to take drugs. It became 14 year addiction that led him to becoming homeless and hungry. Along the way, he met many people, both good and bad that helped him realize he wanted to become better. Wanting to right the wrongs he made, he has helped hundreds of people overcome their mental and physical maladies. Hear his story of going from “wanting to be accepted” to “accepting himself” as a catalyst for helping others.
Soniya Gokhale is the founder of “A Desi Woman”, a podcast where she interviews thought leaders from across the world. In this episode, we discuss what she has learned from her upbringing as a child of immigrant parents, working in a Fortune 100 company, and the power of curiosity and its power in understanding others and bridging differences.
Nathan Ogden has overcome many odds. At a young age, he became paralyzed. A year later another mishap led to further paralysis. Nathan shares how his wife, family, others, and is own learning over time helped him overcome debilitating mindsets and focus on what he could progress and what he could do to make a difference. As a result, he is now a sought after speaker and positively impacts lives by bringing wheelchairs and resources to those who need them across the world. Though he doesn’t seek trials, his attitude is “Bring it On”. Enjoy listening to his inspiring journey!
As Attorney General for the State of Utah, Sean Reyes tackles some of the toughest issues facing his state and the nation. Though this requires being tough and staying the course, we learn more about Sean and how his upbringing influences how he leads. In this interview, Sean shares what he learned from overcoming bullying from an unlikely here (Billy Zabka…a.k.a: Johnny Lawrence from the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai) as well as the power of family and honoring their legacy; the importance of mental health; and more. Sean’s easy going style and genuine concern for others is refreshing. His desire and focus to make a difference and improve lives is inspiring. Enjoy the show!
Elizabeth Nieto is the Global Head of Equity and Impact at Spotify. Prior to this role, she was the leader of Amazon’s Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team as well as the Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Talent Management at MetLife. Throughout her career, Elizabeth has brought together diverse groups of people to create “atmospheres of understanding”. This understanding is the foundation of corporate culture and the bridge between commonalities and differences, which bridges strengthen, both the company and the individuals that work in them. In a world full of divisiveness, Elizabeth’s mantra of coming to conversations with respect has proven to be positively impactful to the bottom line of companies and the growth and satisfaction of their employees. We learned a lot from her and hope you do as well!!
Emily Soloby is a former attorney who represented disadvantaged women and children and is the founder of Juno Jones, which produces “fashion safety footwear” for women. In this episode, Emily shares her journey from an attorney helping disadvantaged women and youth to becoming an entrepreneur. Her energy and commitment to making a difference in the lives of women in the workforce and other good causes is inspiring! Enjoy the show!
Amy Forsythe is an “award-winning multimedia journalist and military combat veteran” who served three tours in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq. During that time, she saw the ravages of war, and personal tragedies. At the same time, she saw the power of the human spirit and the deep rooted connections people can make as well as the positive influence that comes when individuals put aside differences and seek to help others. Amy’s is a powerful story of moving forward, despite the odds one might face and of making a positive influence in the lives of others. It was an interview that made us thankful for the freedoms afforded us by those who serve.
Thomas J. Vosper was working at a company in London when he was laid off by text message at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not being one to bemoan his fate, he co-founded an e-commerce business,  aisle 3 which focuses on “building the Universal view of Shopping that cares about the Shopper before the buy button”. He is also a TEDx speaker and musician who loves spending time with his wife and family. In this episode, he shares his insights on becoming a first time found at 40, balancing optimism and reality and why there is always another perspective.
Jen Welter is the first female coach in the NFL. She is also an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and overall incredible person!  Having come from a football family, she has loved the game since she was a little girl.  This love led to her to play on professionally, first in an all-women’s league and then becoming the first woman to play on an, up to then, all male football team.  Her grit and determination led to winning the respect of her teammates and coach, ultimately leading to a coaching career that has inspired millions! Come listen to her incredible journey and how she continues to make a difference in the lives of others.
In 2008, Jennifer Cline lost her husband in a traffic accident. After his passing, she picked up her husband’s tools to make necessary repairs on their 1818 farmhouse. Woodworking was a way for her to deal with her grief and also feel close to her husband by using his equipment. Since picking up that first power tool and teaching herself, Jennifer is best known as Miss DeWalt (she loves DeWalt power tools!) and has become one of the most recognized faces for DIY (do it yourself) projects. She is also a popular TikTok star with a total social media following of over 300,000 and a source of inspiration for all. We learned a lot in our interview with her, and hope that you do as well! Enjoy the show!
In this episode, the Stokemeter crew discusses lessons learned from 9/11. Gary from his perspective of being a new father thousands of mile away, and Maurice as a survivor of the attacks, being within 100 yards of Ground Zero at the time of the collapse. Despite horrible atrocity, there were many incredible examples of human spirit, unity, and care that impact the crew today.
Jacqueline Madumene is the CEO of Compliance Core. She is also the author of “Ada’s Daughter”. Having had a very traumatic childhood, she discusses the lessons she learned on overcoming the “doldrums” of life by focusing on things you can control, helping others, and making incremental progression toward an objective. The simplicity of these steps are what help her continue to grow and impact those around her in truly impactful ways. Enjoy the show!
Kevin Shelley is a former CEO of But his career began developing technology, teams contributing to Oscar, Emmy, and CLIO Awarded special effect movies, MTV videos, TV and print ads (1990’s) : Jurassic Park, Titanic, Michael Jackson “Black and White”, TLC “Waterfall”, Peter Gabriel, Disney’s “James and the Giant Peach”, Pixar, and more. Listen how endless curiosity led R&D’ing 8 high-tech start-ups, dozens of patents, and a coveted CEO position at combining art, engineering, and business acumen. His new book and speaking series captures adventures setting Jeep and other world records.  We hope you have as much fun listening as we did!
Al Landry is a former Colonel in the US Army. He is the author of “Growing Mentor Intelligence – A Field Guide to Mentoring”. His extensive work in the military and as a business executive have given him a unique take on what effective mentoring looks like and the amazing benefits it can lead to. Having recently overcome cancer, he has come to the conclusion that mentoring is one of the most impactful ways that one can leave a lasting and positive legacy. We couldn’t agree more.
Kevin Sutton started out with covering Wakeboarding on his ESPN Show “The Kevin Sutton Show”. He then branched out to covering other sports, both mainstream and non-traditional. In this episode, Kevin shares his thoughts on what constitutes the longevity of a sport, which include things like generational impact and not mistaking excitement about a sport with the ability to connect with people through a sport. Have some fun as Kevin’s energy in contagious! Enjoy the show!
Brad Smeele is a former professional wakeboarder and was widely touted as one of the best in the world. In 2014, he was attempting a trick that led to a catastrophic injury that left him quadriplegic. In this episode, Brad shares the intense emotions he went through as well as the people that helped him, and the perspectives he developed that led to an “acceptance” of his situation as well as a journey that continues to inspire others today.
In this episode, cinematographer Manahi Taber-Kewene shares the impact of story telling. From culture to film and in conversations with each other, stories to have the power to connect and inspire and to bridge the gap a differences. Enjoy the show!
Denny Wagstaff has been involved with franchises from the age of 21. From Kentucky Fried Chicken to Costa Vida and Blaze Pizza, Denny shares the lessons he’s learned along the way, including the ups and downs; purpose; courage and integrity; and the incredibly effective principle of employees first.
Deepak Lalwani is the founder of Deepak Lalwani & Associates, a boutique consulting company specializing in Change Management. In this episode, Mr. Lalwani discusses the dynamics impact successful organizational change as well as why most change initiatives fail. We also found tidbits that can be applied to our own lives as we deal with change on a personal level.
In this Episode, Tara Bench shares the journey from an internship in New York City to becoming a renowned food stylist, consultant and author with a career that has included working with Martha Stewart, Ladies’ Home Journal and appearances on a variety of shows including The Today Show, Food Network, the Drew Barrymore Show, and many more! She also shares the experiences and the people she’s met along the way that inspired and continue to influence her as she creates recipes for big food companies as well as consulting her clients. For those with a culinary hankering Tara also shares here recipes and stories on her blog,, as well as in her book, “Live Life Deliciously With Tara Teaspoon: Recipes for Busy Weekdays and Leisurely Weekends”. Enjoy the show!
Ryan Cranney is a farmer in Oakley, Idaho who recently made headlines when he gave away 2,000,000 potatoes. People from all over the U.S. received them. He also began getting friendship requests from all over the world. Some of those interactions led to helping families in Kenya build self-sustaining businesses. Ryan reminds us of the multiplying impact of a simple good deed.
Marla Smith-Nilson is the Founder and Executive Director of Marla shares stories of people that have been impacted by the ability to acquire clean water. Over the past 25 years, Marla has led the implementation of water and sanitation projects that have impacted over 300,000 people around the world. She is committed to “supporting local, long-lasting solutions to the water and sanitation crisis” in developing countries as she has found over and over again that having water and sanitation is “the first step out of poverty toward transformation”. Anyone interested in helping out can reach out to Marla directly through Enjoy the show!
Have you ever achieved your goals and aspirations, only to feel lost and even hopeless after it’s acquisition? Mark Miller did. In this episode, Mark shares his story of achieving objectives, falling into a slump, being misdiagnosed for depression, finding purpose again. 
In this Episode, Justin Spannuth, the Chief Operating Officer of Unique Snacks, talks about how some of the greatest successes were accidents. He also discusses the impact of COVID-19 on his business, and the need to help others succeed when through unforeseen tests like COVID. He and his company’s commitment to help others, “because it’s the right thing to do” is something we found inspirational, and we believe you will too!
In this episode, Angela shares her experience of growing up in a family of nine kids and the lessons learned from a caring father. These experiences sparked of love of learning that led her to the military and guided her life and career afterward. She shares the importance of communication, grit, getting out of comfort zones and the advantages of learning from others and helping other along the way as means of living up to her own potential. We hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as we had making it!
Kevin Hoyt is the founder of “It Ain’t Chemo”. A survivor of testicular cancer, Kevin went through bouts of survivor’s guilt before he found comfort and purpose helping others suffering from cancer. In this podcast, Kevin shares the challenges, triumphs, and lessons he has learned along the way.
Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Kevin Osby, is the “Senior Enlisted Advisor for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (Exchange), headquartered in Dallas, Texas”. He is also the host of “Chief Chat”, a live video chat with “military leaders, war heroes, Hollywood A-listers, athletes, musicians and more”; its intent is to “boost the morale” of the soldiers and airman that protect the country.  Chief Chat guests have included: Past guests have included Medal of Honor recipients and military leadership as well as celebrities such as  Matthew McConaughey, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Garth Brooks. Past episodes of Chief Chat at Thanks to Kevin for his time and especially to those the serve to protect and defend the country!
Former State Senator; Mayor of Salt Lake County; and Utah Congressman Ben McAdams shares discusses the power of building relationships and practicing empathy and how they can lead to meaningful change.
Jaune Odombrown was raised in the foster care system. Though difficult, he was mentored by the man who would eventually become his father and alter the course of his life. This included stints in the military and eventually becoming an entrepreneur. Having had great success as an entrepreneur, he began “Smartpreneur”, which is dedicated to helping upstart entrepreneurs succeed. 
In this episode, we visit with Nnamdi Okonkwo is a world renowned artist who specializes in African Sculpture. He shares his story of coming to America and the trials and triumphs he went through and the people who made a difference in his life along the way. Always an optimist, Nnamdi’s positive spirit has influenced people across the world. You can learn more about Nnamdi at
Ryan discusses the challenges associated with coaching. After suffering a heart attack in 2019, Ryan knew he needed to change things around to nurture his health.  He shares how he balances his life and the need be an effective delegator to maximize individual and team performance, and more!
Sean Covey is the President of FranklinCovey Education. In this episode, Sean discusses the impact of the 7 Habits in education and the impact it has had in schools across the world. Sean also discusses how a very personal tragedy led to the the creation of Bridle Up Hope, “a public charity with the mission to inspire hope, confidence, and resilience in young women through equestrian training.” (  We found great inspiration in the the interview and hope you do as well!
In this episode , we visit with Jake McLaughlin. You’ve seen him on the hit series, “Quantico” as well as in movies like Safe House, Warrior, Savages, and In the Valley of Elah. Jake talks about how he got started in Hollywood and what it took to succeed. He also shares how his family helped balance life through some demanding times. Sit back and enjoy the show!
Come have some fun listening to the story of Kimo and Kalani Mack’s journey in building one of the most successful restaurants in the West, Mo Bettahs Hawaiian Style.  Learn from their experiences, the risks and sacrifices their families made and the pivotal epiphanies that have led to their success. If you’ve never eaten at Mo Bettahs, do yourself and try it!  Enjoy the show!
Legendary Wakeboarder and friend, Shaun Murray visits with Stokemeter team and discusses the lessons learned from wakeboarding; stints on American Ninja Warrior; and everyday life. Shaun has shared this learning with others and helped them become better as wake boarders and more importantly as people.  We hope you find some “nuggets of stoke” in this episode, I know we did!
John Hackelman is a Mixed-Martial Arts coaching legend. He is the creator of Hawaiian Kempo, a “comprehensive and diversified means of unarmed self-defense”. His school, THE PIT has produced some of the greatest fighters in the UFC and other Mixed Martial Arts venues. Stars like Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira, Antonio Banuelos, Court McGee and Tim Kennedy have all been trained by John.  In this episode, John shares his journey from being a bullied kid to champion fighter and coach. He explains the lessons he learned from a diverse array mentors, culminating in a fighting philosophy that has influenced thousands. His raw and straight forward approach to life and fighting is something we believe you’ll be inspired by!
Anthony Capozzoli is the founder of the “Dismantled Life” podcast, which shares stories of those that have lived through and overcome addiction, including his own. In this episode, Anthony takes us through his 40 year addiction and subsequent road to recovery. His podcast can be found at: 
In this podcast, Reuben Aleckson discusses the importance of focusing on the target and to adjust as changing environmental factors dictate. His lessons learned can be used to our everyday lives and the shifting factors one may face as they strive to fulfill an objective. Alex both works for and sponsored by Vortex Optics.  
In this episode, we interview Angie Farid, founder and CEO of Ocean Rebel. Ms. Farid started Ocean Rebel when she was 13 years old. Her persistence, focus, and determination are lessons are an inspiration. We discuss how it the company began, the obstacles she faced, as well as the emotional support from her family. We hope you find takeaways that help you in your endeavors.