Beyond Perception


Beyond Perception

Like anything, people have different perceptions of Raph Derome. As a guy that prefers to keep a low profile living the life of a self-described introvert, it’s sometimes difficult to express who he really is to those around him. That’s why Raph lets his wakeboarding speak for him.

With an endless drive and dedication to wakeboarding, Raph is truly in it for the love of the game. Never quite satisfied, riding to him is about the constant pursuit of progression and evolving his own unique vision of the sport.

Two years in the making, Raph’s latest video project is the product of a tireless effort to capture the soul of the sport and a visual declaration to the masses that there is much more to wakeboarding beyond contests. Presented by Red Bull Media House in partnership with Billabong and Malibu Boats, the journey takes Raph on a trip to some of his favorite spots including Florida, his home province of Quebec and a big-city shred at Toronto’s Ontario Place.

Holograms – Monolith
Connan Mockasin – Please turn me into the snat
Ghost Walk – Jail Bird

Direction: Still Not Famous
Cinematography: Jonathan Ferguson and Justin Loiselle