Review – CocoNutz Nutrition


In August of 2010, Casey Zaugg was in the middle of the Mt. Ogden 100k mountain bike race.  He reached for an energy bar and became frustrated because to tear the bar open required effort that took away from his ability to ride the tricky single track trail.  In other races, he used energy gels and other like products only to have the product all over his clothes because there was no way to properly store the opened product.  It is something that many of you may have experienced when engaging in lengthy exercise sessions.  Something else that bothered him was the texture and at times the nutritional value of the products he was consuming.  It was at that moment that he started to formulate something that would not only be a superior nutritional supplement, he would also figure out a unique delivery system to deliver the food so that the athlete could maintain their pace without having to slow down.


After the 8/10 race, he was on a training ride in Lambert Park in Alpine, Utah.  While on that ride, the idea of a coconut and more specifically, coconut oil came into mind.  He had lived in Thailand for two years and found the great nutritional value of coconut oil on the people there.  He thought that if he could take the nutritional value from coconut oil and miniaturize the concept of a coconut into bite size pieces, it would offer athletes and sportsman alike a superior form of long lasting energy.  The result was a bite size ball in that comes in a variety of flavors.

Now that he had a superior nutritional snack, he had to work on an effective system that would allow the athlete to consume the product without getting them sticky, or take them off pace.  The result was a reusable flip open tube offering five “CocoNutz” balls with a total of 200 healthy calories.  The reusable tube means an environmental friendly way of distribution saving on both packing and waste.

The snack itself can be viewed as a “super food” for athletes.  It is fruit based and uses agave nectar as the sweetener which means no “sugar spike”.  Then there is the key ingredient of coconut oil which is a medium chained fatty acid making it an extremely effective means of long lasting energy.  It also contains a nut-butter center for protein (tree nuts, no peanuts); Chia seeds which absorb water and release accordingly for longer hydration, and Real Salt (a naturally occurring salt found in Heber, Utah that contains many beneficial minerals not found in other salts).  CocoNutz are also a vegan product and are gluten free, all natural, non-baked and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).

So what’s this reviewer’s opinion of the product?  Well, having competed in a variety of endurance and combat sports over the years, I’ve had my fair share of nutrition bars and supplements.  Having said that, this is one of the best products I have ever tried.  Not only are they good and always fresh (that flip-up cap is awesome!), the kids love them (definitely better than giving them a candy bar!), and I’ve found that when eaten with a couple cups of water, my appetite is suppressed for HOURS making it a great dietary supplement.

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