Your passion is getting on the water.
Imagine ripping through the warm tropical waters where Captain Cook once sailed, or,
taking a set through the ski course on Kauai’s Wailua River…
Imagine being able to wakeboard, waterski, wakeskate, wakesurf… anywhere in the world.Sharing your passion, WakeScout (www.wakescout.com) is the water sport community’s online resource to discover and share information about all the places throughout the world where you can get on the water.Whether you’re on vacation somewhere in the world, have some spare time on a business trip or just moved into town…WakeScout provides the water sport community with a great resource that will let you know where you can get on the water no matter where in the world your travels take you.WakeScout has over 1,200 listings from 77 countries throughout the world. The listings fall into (6) categories, providing the water sport community with a multitude of ways to get on the water-

– Resorts offering waterskiing, wakeboarding ,wakesurfing, etc. to their guests. This activity will be either on-site or a very short distance from the resort.
– Clubs welcoming non-members to join them for a day, providing an opportunity to water ski, wakeboard, kneeboard, wakesurf, etc. anytime you’re away from home or just looking for a club to join.

– Schools offering instruction and training in a variety of water sport disciplines.- Charters creating the opportunity for you to enjoy your favorite water sport by providing the boat, driver and equipment. In most cases they also offer instruction.
– Cable parks. No boat required. Just show up, grab a handle and hit the water.
– Marinas offering “ski” boats, water skis and wakeboards for rent.WakeScout is a community-driven site, encouraging everyone to contribute reviews, comments, photos and videos for any listing. This provides the WakeScout community with an unbiased account of what they can expect- information the community can trust- and provides great insight as to what a place is really like.Looking for a pull or have one to offer?

No matter where you live in the world, or plan to travel to, WakeScout’s “Connect on the Water” feature provides skiers and riders with a quick and easy way find and meet up with others who share a passion for getting out on the water.

For anyone traveling, someone new to an area, or just someone looking for others in their hometown to go waterskiing or wakeboarding with, this feature enables WakeScout community members to easily find or offer “pulls” anywhere in the world.

Users simply enter their search criteria indicating where they would like to get or offer a “pull” and WakeScout instantly provides a list of matching WakeScout community members they can hook up on the water with.

Whether you’re going to California and want to find a pull or you’re a boat owner in North Carolina needing a third, the “Connect on the Water” feature  is just another cool way WakeScout will help get you on the water.

From South Dakota to South Africa…
From New Mexico to New Zealand…

Discover and share information about places where you can get on the water no matter where your travels take you. Visit WakeScout at www.wakescout.com. Get an edge on the water…anywhere in the world!

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