Ricky Lundell – Coaching Champions


If you were to run into Ricky Lundell on the street, the last thing you would be thinking is this is one of the toughest dudes on the planet.  He isn’t imposing at about 5’9” and 154lb, but to underestimate him would be a big mistake!!  Lundell is a 3 time world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, including a one time champion in the “Absolute Division” where he submitted 265 lb silver medalist Brandon Ruiz (check out the film below) with a “No Handed Knee Bar” when he weighed 149lbs.  He is also a one-time Pancrase world champion.  He is considered by many to be one of the most technical black belts in the world.

He began his training at the age of 6 under renowned Brazil Jiu Jitsu master Pedro Sauer.  An intellect at heart, he graduated at the age of 15 and had acquired a college degree by the time of eighteen.  He wanted to graduate from high school early because he knew that he could create his own schedule in college.  This allowed him to train more intensively.  Though he had never wrestled in high school, Cael Sanderson, one of the most decorated wrestlers in history, saw Lundell at a Jiu Jitsu tournament and recruited him to wrestle for Iowa State for his senior year.

He would go onto win “The Most Outstanding Grappler” award at the FILA (Federation Internationale de Lutte Amateur – or International Amateur Wrestling Federation which is run by the Olympic Committee) and in fact is one of only two Americans to have a move named after him and in the official FILA rule book.  The move is called the “Lundook”.

Lundell’s expertise has made him a highly sought after consultant in the mixed martial arts arena.  Some of the fighters he has trained include BJ Penn, Miguel Torres, Frank Mir, Sean Sherk, George St. Pierre, Forrest Griffith, Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, and many others.  While training, he has submitted each of these fighters while showing them how to defend and administer various Jiu Jitsu submissions.  He has made such an impact on the sport that Frank Mir has stated, “Ricky Lundell’s technique and teaching ability set him apart from all the other trainers.  Take full advantage.  I can’t wait till he trains me again.”

At present, Lundell is working with Cael Sanderson to provide a curriculum of Jiu Jitsu and wrestling that will certainly redefine grappling in mixed martial arts.  He also runs “The University of Grappling” in Lindon, Utah.  Each of the students I was able to meet with mentioned how Ricky has refined their game.  Though Ricky and his school are a “best kept secret”, I have a feeling the secret won’t last much longer.

Ricky continues to excel every day.  He maintains that learning and improving oneself and then sharing that wisdom with others is what defines a true champion.  Stokemeter is proud to have Ricky Lundell as part of the Stokemeter family.  You will be hearing a lot from Ricky in the future with his Stokemeter “Coach’s Corner”.