Jimmy Jones – Fighting for a Greater Cause


While at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas, we asked the question, “who is one of your most promising fighters”.  The answer from Ryan Couture came without hesitation, “Jimmy Jones”.  When you first see Jimmy, you would think you were looking at your kid brother, and when you talk to him, he is one of the nicest persons you could meet.  Then, you see him practice and you soon recognize that this young man can clean the fighting cage floor with you.

Jimmy was a hockey player for 15 years before getting started in MMA.  Asked how he got his start, he says that when Randy Couture opened Xtreme Couture, Jones went to get his autograph.  As he approached the UFC legend, Couture suggested that he join the gym and begin training.  Of that moment, Jones mentioned, “How do you tell Randy Couture no?”

Ever since that time, he has excelled with the incredible support at Xtreme Couture.  Not only the occasional guidance of Randy Couture himself, but also the great support of his friends and coaches, particularly Ryan Couture, Tim Lane, Eric Nicksick, Dennis

Davis, and getting knocked around the ring by Martin Kampmann, Ray Sefo (who he knows takes it easy on him), Tyson Griffin, Mike Pyle (who asides from working with him, makes him laugh his guts out on a daily basis), and Jay Hieron, each of them go out of their way to help Jones progress.

Each of them has been crucial in becoming the fighter he is now.  Jones emphasized that each brings great strengths to every particular in the fighting spectrum.  As an example he mentioned that when he was having a hard time with his kicks, he began working with Xtreme Couture coach Ray Sefo.  After a short time, his kicking is at a pro level (I can verify having been on the receiving end of one of those kicks).  Says Jones, “It’s amazing how much I am able to learn from all of these guys, there is no way that I would be where I am today without their tremendous support”.

In all of his training, he never expects anyone to hold back and has had his share of hard hits. The intense workouts have paid off significantly, so much so that when he made his pro debut, he knocked his opponent out in 11 seconds.

With such a successful debut, it might be a temptation to let the success go to his head, but it hasn’t.  Though his dream is to become a UFC champion, he knows that there are many steps to take before that point and he is smart about how he approaches it, focusing on the next step.  At the time of this interview he was preparing for one of these steps participating in an intense 8 week training camp working on exposing his opponent’s weaknesses as well as working on his own.  He would go on to win the match two weeks later.

Though intense, he has a knack for comic humor as can be seen on his short film “Infinite Heart”  .  How he got all of these world class coaches and fighters to participate is a testament to his determination to complete a project.

Like many Xtreme Couture fighters, Jones is also involved in helping others.  One of the highlights is working with kids undergoing chemotherapy with the outstanding organization, “It Ain’t Chemo”.  Helping with the kids and other patients the foundation has is life altering he says.  It’s something that makes you realize what you have and helping another in an intense situation like that, the joy you get… it’s indescribable!”

Jimmy is sponsored by “The Gunstore” and owner Chris Irwin, “It Ain’t Chemo” and founder Kevin Hoyt, and Digital Doorsteps and owner Mike Hahn.  He wanted to give BIG shout out to Ryan Couture, John Hahn, Eric Nicksick, and Dennis Davis.