The Peraza Brothers Part 3 – VICTOR PERAZA


At ten years old, Victor Peraza is already pushing the limits of free style BMX.  He has landed numerous back flips (achieving his first one at nine years of age) and has added backflip to turn downs to his list of tricks.  His favorite tricks to throw include barrels, tech no hand to turn downs, and 360 loop backs.  Having started riding at age four, he continues to progress at a rapid rate.  In the past year, he entered a contest in Las Vegas known as “The Extreme Thing”.  He felt that he should ride at a pro level and ended up taking 2nd overall in a field of much older riders.

One would think that this contest success and impressive list of tricks from a ten year old would lead to an imbalance in other arenas of his life.  Fact is, not only does he continue to master bike tricks, but he manages to maintain excellent grades in the classroom.  He comes from a family that puts first things first, school work and other priorities get done before biking.

His mother, Maria Peraza, explained that a large part of his success comes from the fact that they are a close knit traditional Mexican family.  Thus, each elder member of the family needs to set a good example for the sibling right behind them in age.  Maria emphasized that Victor is good at biking because everyone in the family before him learned from the older brother and the father.  This has been a key factor in fostering a tight knit family where each family member has a vested interest in each other and roots for each other to progress and push each other to excel in every aspect of their lives.  Of course, the fact that he has two older brothers that are professional riders and a father that is a former professional rider certainly has its benefits!

I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Victor in the near future!

Victor is sponsored by Nike 6.0, Blass Bikes, Supercross, and King Duce