Nick Simcik grew up in Missouri and got his fix in the extreme sports as a youth on a golf course where he got into ski racing on fake snow.  With that intro, it’s obvious this guy knows how to find some stoke wherever he is, and if he can’t find it, you better be dagum sure he’ll create it!

Not your typical biker who grew up in the sport, Simcik got his start on a bike at age 17.  He was burned out after school was over and decided to move to Colorado.  While there, he was talked into getting a bike and riding it down the nearby mountain resorts.  He hasn’t looked back and has since then become a top pro in the mountain biking arena having traveled extensively over North America and Europe.  Nick has a saying he lives by, “The Bigger The Better”.  You can see it’s true when you check out his videos and photos.  It’s obvious he likes to go big, I mean this dude launches!  Despite various injuries such as sprains, cuts, separated shoulders, broken noses, and broken heels, he keeps pushing the limits.

Nick loves the free riding aspect of biking and the ability to create lines down the mountains he bombs down.  He also loves the fact that everyone is part of the industry because “they love it” and the people that he hangs out with are just as stoked as he is, which means they learn and feed off each other as they try or create new tricks.

One of the many aspects of the industry he has been impressed with is seeing rapid growth of the biking sports.  He views it as evidence that the sport continues to catch on. Technology continues to surpass expectations and Nick has observed equipment to be way more advanced than when he first got on a bike.  Rapid growth also means an ever growing fan base.  Simcik says he is constantly blown away by the support he receives and the people he meets in the industry from all parts of the world.  He mentions, “it’s motivating when fans come up and talk and it’s amazing to have the people I idolized as peers.  It’s also great to help in developing the next generation of riders.”

Nick has an enthusiasm that is grounded in sound principles.  He believes that we are given difficulties and challenges to make us better.  He mentions that “without struggle” one cannot develop the necessary character and strength to do what’s right.  Simcik is a strong advocate of hard work.  He says, “Simply hoping for strength in the face of adversity will do nothing for us.  Patience comes with being tested and learning to be patient.”

Nick is sponsored by Transition Bikes, Shimano, DT Swiss, Deity, Dakine, VP Components, Honey Stinger, Maxxis, Oakley, MRP, Demon Dirt, Kali Protectives, and Grassroots Cycles.

Check out a video of Nick by Shelby Smith: