BMX Family Highlight: The Peraza Brothers – Part 2 – Kevin Peraza


You can’t help but get stoked when you speak with Kevin Peraza.  The middle of three biking brothers, Kevin is as steezy a rider as you can hope to meet.  After all of his priorities are done (homework, school, etc.) you will typically find him in one place, on a bike.  Despite what your speaking to him about, the dude is always STOKED!

Kevin was quick to point out that without his family, he would never have gotten into biking.  Matter of fact, his father still rides with them (the man 0n the red bike is his father).  Like his brother David, he started riding a bike at age five.  He loved watching David ride and mimicked everything he did.  He would eventually find his own style.  Now a days, Kevin is tearing it up in contests and especially the free riding scene.  He is one of those dudes that loves being a professional rider and knows that it’s an incredible honor to ride at that level.  It’s like a dream come true to ride among those that he grew up idolizing in the sport and feels it a great privilege to now call them friends.  Looking at him ride, it’s obvious he’s having a blast; and will tell anyone, that he loves the freedom that riding allows you to have and the fact that you can ride pretty much wherever and whenever you want.

There are many aspects of riding that mean a lot to him, but perhaps there’s nothing that matters more to him than his fans.  He takes it upon himself to speak to everyone that asks for some of his time.  He remembers when he was young and trying to get face time with his favorite pros and how it made him feel when he was able to get some one on one time with them.  Always thinking about the future of the sport and what innovation he can bring to it, he also feels it is his responsibility to pass his knowledge to the next generation of riders and makes it a point to be as good of a mentor to new riders, even if it is only for a few minutes.

His greatest piece of advice to any rider is to have fun riding.  He mentioned that one of the biggest detriments to progression in the sport is when you lose your love for it.  Once you don’t love it, you lose your creativity.  He’s been around a few riders that have come into the sport with the wrong attitude making it strictly business instead of the love and has recognized that attitude as a common thread among people that leave the sport.  It’s good counsel for anyone in any professional field – don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun!

I have no doubt that Kevin will keep on pushing the sport to a new level.  I also have no doubt that he will be a great “ambassador of stoke” for his sport.

Kevin is sponsored by:  Nike 6.0; Blass Bikes; King Duce; and Supercross

Check out some video of Kevin ripping it up on a bike!