BMX: The Peraza Brothers – Part 1 – DAVID PERAZA


Twenty year old David Peraza is the oldest of a trio of brothers
ripping up the free style BMX scene.  He started riding when he was
five years old and hasn’t looked back!  His father, an avid biker from
Sonora, Mexico got David stoked about biking and keeping at it.  Years
later, his father, no forty still rides with David and his brothers.
It is this influence and support that have allowed David to travel
around the world, racing or putting on exhibitions in Mexico,
throughout the U.S., and South America (including Columbia, Venezuela,
and Ecuador).

You always know its David because of his trademark glasses and
incredibly easy going personality.  He is one that believes it a great
blessing to be in a sport that he loves, and tries to exude that to
everyone he meets, especially the fans.  He reflected on the first
time that a fan ever asked for an autograph.  He felt “blown away”
that someone would even want his.  He makes it a point to “listen” to
his fans when they talk to him and has not turned away anyone asking
for an autograph.  Because of this, typical things that fans, or for
that fact anyone that meets him will mention is the fact that he is
“nice, noble, not mean at all, outgoing, awesome attitude”.

Something else that David wanted to highlight (matter of fact, all the
brothers wanted me to highlight) is the incredible love and support of
his family.  They have been “mucho” supportive and in fact, David in
particular says that he would never have gotten as far as he had
without the support of his parents.  He mentions that, “They
sacrificed so much!  Dad is a mechanic and mom a real estate agent.
After their work, they do everything to make sure that we’re
progressing in our schoolwork and in BMX.  Dad even built a big foam
pit in the backyard so that we can practice on a regular basis!”

When not practicing at home, you can find David riding at his favorite
places including the Chandler Bike Park and the Manzanita BMX Raceway.
Always a thankful kind of individual, David wanted to say thanks first
to his family and friends as well as his sponsors:  Blass Bikes, King
Duce, and Supercross.

Check out some of David’s sick moves: