I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Powers and his father at the 2009
Surf Expo.  What was obvious is his pure love of the sport of
wakeboarding and his committed attitude to make it better.  In the
time that has followed, Daniel has progressed immensely having placed
2nd overall in the Jr. Mens category.  He has been pushing the pace
along with Nick Galitifiore and Steel Lafferty.

In speaking with Daniel, it is amazing that he has accomplished so
much as such a young age.  He began wakeboarding ten years ago when a
kid across his lake loaned him a wakeboard.  He was up on his first
try and shortly afterward, his dad bought him his own wakeboard.  He
started competing at age 7.  AGE 7!!! I didn’t even start wakeboarding
till I was 25!  Man!

Since that time, he has racked up a bunch of impressive tricks, wins,
and sponsors.  At such a young age, he has some hammer sponsors like
Liquid Force, Jet Pilot, Mastercraft, Performance Ski and Surf, Nike
6.0, and Straightline.

Anyone that meets this man will immediately see his enthusiasm.  He is
genuinely thankful for being a professional wakeboarder.  He loves to
travel across the world (his favorite place so far is Qatar) and meet
wakeboarding fans.  Daniel truly is an “ambassador of stoke” for the
wakeboarding community.

It is this thankfulness for his fans, passion for the sport and
enthusiasm that will inevitably bring him great success in the future.
He sees the sport with unlimited possibilities, many more friends to
make, and hammer tricks to drop!

All the best to Daniel in 2011 and welcome to the Stokemeter Network!