Kevin Sutton – ESPN 1080 Host and Wakeboard Wildman


Kevin Sutton: ESPN Radio Host and Wakeboard Fanatic

Have you ever met someone that breaks all stereotypes and makes you realize that the skies the limit as far as pursuing goals and dreams?  Well, if you have ever met Kevin Sutton, you will have met such a person.

Kevin hosts the ESPN 1080 show in Orlando, Florida.  He covers all actions sports and has a special place in his heart for the sport of wakeboarding.  What makes him unique is that he is a large African American man that can shred like the best of them.  There is something to be said about someone that big throwing down power moves on a wakeboard.  Kevin started Wake Boarding eight years ago and has been involved in the sport ever since.

After seeing wakeboarding on the Disney Channel, he decided to try it out.  He began taking lessons from European wakeboard champions Nick and Julz Heaney.  While taking the lessons, Kevin mentioned that he wanted to compete in wakeboarding.  Looking at him, they made the assumption many make when seeing Kevin for the first time, this dude can’t ride in a competition!  Of course this big man ended up making fools of his doubters. After training for about 6 months, Kevin decided to look into the different competitions and signed up for his first tournament. He didn’t place, but continued to train, compete, and later began winning competitions and finally won an entire tour series (the Gator Board Tour Intermediate Division)!  In the process, he beat some of the big names in the Jr. Men’s series, including Cody Prizer, Robby Houlihan, and Julian Cohen (of course Kevin is the first to admit they would give him a severe butt whooping if he competed against them now).

Being a businessman and father, he had to put competing on hold, but never stopped wakeboarding and continued to be the one with the halogens on so he could ride in the dark.  When the opportunity came to host the 1080 Show for ESPN, he pulled out all the stops.  Even though he had never had radio experience, he wooed the producers and they gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, a show highlighting the things he loves best, wakeboarding and the actions sports industry.

Kevin viewed this opportunity to expand the industries, in particular to creating a more diverse culture.  Being an African-American, Kevin quickly noticed the lack of diversity in the Wake Boarding industry. Although his race was different, he was well accepted and encouraged to bring in new talent and young children. With this desire to see the sport exposed to more people, Kevin founded a faith based non-profit, Beyond the Water for Kids Foundation. The mission statement for the organization was to introduce water sports to underprivileged and at-risk children. Kevin’s desire to be involved has continued and his interest has peeked into all extreme-sports.

An actor and comedian, Kevin started his own web following on You-Tube and Facebook, showcasing his variety of comedic characters including, High Water the Clown, Pastor Do Right and Bubba, the Black Red Neck.   He is also, a part-time Rapper, and has taken his love for the sport to another level and wrote, produced and recorded multiple songs relating to Wake Boarding. Some of the songs include, “For the Love of the Wake” and “They don’t want to know me.”

Combined with his love for extreme sports, his musical and comedic talent, and dedication to the community, Kevin continues to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone he meets.

We are “STOKED” to have him as part of the Stokemeter Network family!