My Day With Aron Ralston


In March, I was invited to audition for a new movie being filmed in
Utah.  I thought it was an unusual title, “127 Hours”.  When I
arrived, I was able to meet the man that the film was about, Aron
Ralston.  Aron as you may know, was the hiker who’s arm was pinned by
a boulder.  127 hours happens to be how long he was stuck before he
made the hard decision to amputate his arm with a multi-tool knife.
He told me that the character I was auditioning for, Brion, was his
supervisor and he went on to say that thinking about those
interactions with him saved his life.  It struck me that when he was
facing the possibility of dying, it was the little things, the little
interactions with others throughout his life that kept him going, that
gave him hope in a seemingly impossible situation.  Though I didn’t
get the role, it’s been neat to see that the movie has gone on to
become a hit.  The thing that I am most grateful in the conversation
with Aron is that life really is about the little things that people
do for us and that we do for people that make the greatest impact. – Maurice Matsumori