Chicks dig broken bones…..

Alex, the Stokemeter Lifestyle in action.

I have a good friend who we shall call Hyte.  That’s a good thing to call him because that’s his name.  Anyway, this week his son Alex broke his collar bone beating down three thugs trying to rob a Dairy Queen.  Well…..OK, not really.  Actually he was playing some school yard football and somebody fell on him as he was being tackled.

I wanted to let Alex know that we were thinking of him at Stokemeter and also recognize him as well.  As Stokemeter has grown it has become apparent that we are more than an extreme sports website.  Stokemeter has become a symbol of a lifestyle that can only be described as doing good stuff that keeps you stoked on living.  We are all about finding activities that get you pumped while at the same time helping others to succeed.  We are becoming a community of like minded people who are serious about not being too serious.

Alex is a good example of someone living the Stokemeter Lifestyle.  He genuinely enjoys life and seeks out things that gets the blood flowing, while at the same time encouraging those around him.  He is actively involved in BMX, wakeboarding, motorcycles, quads, etc., etc.  If it’s a challenge and includes the possibility of injury you can probably find Alex front and center.  At the same time Alex has a personality that is infectious in a positive way.  You can’t help but being around him and not walking away in a better mood.

He pretty much nails it with his Facebook quote, “Life is good and short, so just have fun!”  Hopefully it won’t be too long before Alex is back on his feet and back in action.

If you know anybody that is a good example of the Stokemeter Lifestyle, let us know so we can give them some props as well.

– Kartch