Mike Zimmerman, simply put is a stud, he is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.  Mike is the Liquid Force Customer Service head for the East Coast and as anyone who has ever worked with him will tell you, he is without exception, the best customer representative one could ever hope to have.  As a matter of fact, it is because Mike went above and beyond that call of duty that Stokemeter exists today.  Back in 2007, I called Liquid Force to get their latest product catalog and Mike was there to help.  In fact, not only did we talk about the product, but we talked about the latest LF Team film at the time, “The Truth”.  Not only did he answer every question I had with vigor, he actually sent me a copy of the film!  After seeing the film Mike put me in contact with the filmographer, Justin Stephens.  Justin told me that he was filming another wakeboard film for Oakley called PushProcess.  I talked him into coming to NYC to film (I lived in Manhattan at the time), and he brought Keith Lyman, Tony Smith, Amber Wing, Chase Heavener, and George Daniels along to do part of the movie there.  During that time, Chase Heavener would always ask me, “dude, how’s your stokemeter”.  The saying stuck in my mind and as a result, Stokemeter is in play! Why the long explanation?  Because it goes to show the impact of treating a customer right as Mike did.  There is no way we would ever have been in the position to work with all of these fantastic athletes and to have met so many wonderful people if Mike hadn’t have stepped it up and provided such incredible customer service.  Mike doesn’t care if you are a superstar or a regular joe off the street, you will get the same excellent service everytime, everyday.  Mike, thanks! Without you, there would be no Stokemeter!